Is your bike getting hard to start when cold but seems a little better when it’s been warmed up? If so you are more than likely ready for a valve job. Over time your valves will become worn into the seats and lose the tight fit that is necessary for proper performance. The valves are timed to the piston movement via the timing chain and other components. If your valves are worn or out of adjustment, the motor’s intake stroke, power stroke, or exhaust stroke may stop working correctly this will cause sluggish performance and in extreme conditions no performance.WMR has all of the state of the art equipment necessary for performing professional valve work to your modern four stroke machine. Our Rottler Seat and Guide machine is the most concentric valve machine in the industry and will assure your valves are sealing perfectly. Let our experienced technicians bring your head back to like new condition by cutting your seats and installing new components, you will think we installed a new motor it will run so good.

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