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"Bike was Incredible! I couldn't believe the way it pulled at such low RPM. My learning curve was about 2 minutes! Very happy with the choices I made. Thanks."
- Dan at Auto Krafters

"WMR has the type of Customer Service that keeps a smile on my Face"
- Mark Matheau

"This place is more than a shop or dealership. It's like doing business with a good friend or a family member and they will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase or services."
- Freddy and Jacob Q.

"Great people and Facility!"
- Tom Gardner

"Great Dealership! One of the best I have ever dealt with!"
- Alan Robbins

"Great Dealership and Very Helpful!"
- Leonardo Perez

"Most knowledgeable dealership I have found!"
- Jason Sessions

"The staff is very friendly and really know what they are talking about. Great group of people."
- Alex L.

"Great Dealership, Very Professional, Love my new motorcycle!"
- Roberto Gonzalez

"Good experience and bike was fixed properly."
- Wayne Anthony

"Outstanding Dealership!"
- Richard Goldman

"Great Dealership. WMR goes above and beyond to get the bikes fixed!"
- Barry Slavin

"Work done in a timely manner. Professional at all Levels!"
- David

"Great Dealership, Very Friendly, Love the Bikes and the Dealership."
- Glenn Peroni

"Thanks Rob! I love the way you're helping you kids in Motocross. I've been involved in some type of two wheeled racing since 1973. If it weren't for guys like you helping out the sport would have died a long time ago..."
- Via Email - Old Fart 193

"Thank You again for the prompt response to my inquiry and also honoring the promotional price I had found on your website"
- John

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for your hospitality at the KTM Ride Day at Thundercross. I truly believe the event was a total success and it was helpful to be able to try the KTM bikes. My son Alex and I had a blast that day."
- Via Email - Carlos Londono

"You had provided me with exceptional customer service!!"
- Via Email - Dana Schlegel

"Recently we made the jump from Kawi to KTM and we bought our bikes from WMR. I made the deal over the phone and when I went to their shop I was very impressed and I am not impressed very easily. When we entered the door they met me and my son with open arms and took us for a tour of their facility. They even let us walk through the mechanic bays and showed us where they manufacture parts. What I liked most was their attitude. They are not cocky. They're confident in their products and they're not promising 1.3 horsepower gains from every product they sell. They are looking for weak points in the bikes and have the means to correct them. Their bling parts are pretty cool too. We had a warranty issue with one of our bikes and they jumped all over it. Had my bike back in two days. They are a good group of hard working guys and I just wanted to share that."
- Via KTM Talk - Mike 330

"I couldn't have said it any better. This is a top notch dealership with the a work shop that has the cleanliness and machinery of an operating room. Not only is it a bad ass dealer, every single one of these guys absolutely love what they do. Keep up the good work."
- Via Vital MX Forum - yz763

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your help with getting my son his KTM 50SX. He is so happy and his riding ability has skyrocketed. Thanks again!"
- Scott

"I just wanted to let everyone know that these guys run a top notch dealership. The heart and soul is in their Race Shop. They have done all the work on my KTM MX bike and street bike. They are a fully equipped orange certified real deal Race Shop. They have great attitudes and do amazing work. I busted my collar bone and they not only fixed up my bike but they came by my house to pick it up so it would be ready when I was ready. They even gave it a wash! Another cool thing is they have a little sand track right outside the showroom so you can spin a few laps to try out any work you had done. I do all my business through them and can't recommend them enough. Great operation to support. They have something that most dealers have completely forgotten about, personality and customer service. I feel lucky to have them near me and support them 100%!"
- Via Vital MX Forum - Jason Ward

"Thanks for the extraordinary service and fast shipping. Everything is in PERFECT condition and looks great!"
- Leo Lutken